Artur Guza


“Valldal Comedy Theatre” is an independent theatre consisting of theatrical creators, where I’m a composer and music director.

Little Kamil does not like to brush his teeth. Or eat fruit and vegetables for that matter. Instead, he loves eating everything that’s sweet and unhealthy. What he does not realize though, is that within his mouth two germ brothers: Bacterius and Decayrius, made themselves at home. Thanks to caramels, chocolate bars and other jellybeans they have lots of strength to build their houses in his teeth, drilling bigger and bigger holes …

“Bacterius and Decayrius” is a doll and music show for viewers from the age of 4. It is based on the, immensely popular in Norway, children’s book by Thorbjorn Egner: “Karius og Baktus”. The play tackles the problems of oral hygiene and healthy eating in a playful and non-invasive manner, which is suitable for younger viewers. Don’t miss it – before it’s too late!